For the major assessment during the second year of my study at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment my team, “Team How Do” developed Nadir, a third person, story based puzzle platformer. The player must overcome puzzles by interacting with the environment to discover the source of the call beckoning them to the abyss.

Some of the scripts I made included a trigger system allowing you to drag and drop any combination of triggers and targets into the scene and easily linking them together, making level building quicker and easier. Another challenge was creating a camera that handles collisions with walls effectively without hurting the player experience. I also created the interactive UI menus, splash screen effect and a checkpoint / saving system.

Team Size: 4
Duration: 4 months (August-November 2016)
Platform: PC
Software: Unity, Visual Studio

Ready to play Nadir?

Download Nadir Logo The Well Wharf Boat Ride Deep Mines Pressure-plate Puzzle Traps and Mysterious Writing


For the major assessment during the first year of my study at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment my team, “Life is Hard” developed Origins, a 2 player arcade mini-game. The main mechanic of Origins is a grapple mechanic and the main goal of the game is to launch your claw shaped grapple across the river and grab resources from your opponent. The player with the most points when the time is up wins.

My role in this project was programming all game mechanics using C# scripts, implement UI, animations and cross platform functionality. As it was my first time ever using Unity and only experience in C++, the project was a challenging task I learnt a lot from.

Team Size: 4
 3 months (September-November 2017)
Platform: PC, PS4
Software: Unity, Visual Studio

Ready to play Origins?

Download Origins Logo Fire Player stunned by Ice Player’s claw Ice Player grabbing Fire Player’s resources Fire Player pulling Ice Player’s resource towards them

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders was a solo project made for my “Complex Game Assignment” where students needed to make a game with complexity that the teacher agreed was suitable for our abilities.

Snakes and Ladders is played over a LAN connection in which you connect to a server hosted on your local connection and enter a lobby with all other plays not already in a game. From the lobby you can start a game with the next player waiting to play. You are also able to chat to the other players connected to the server.

It was a fun challenge to learn how a networking system works and create my own multiplayer game. Next time i’ll have 3D models not simple OpenGL shapes.

Platform: PC
Duration: 6 weeks
Software: Visual Studio (C++),  Open GL, Ranket

Ready to play?

Download Snakes and Ladders

Terrain Generator

For my Graphics Assessment I created a terrain generator that uses Perlin Noise to create terrain. The stb library was used to load models and meshes into the application and imgui allows for interactive user interfaces, letting the user generate different Perlin Noise or make changes to the particle system. I wrote my own fragment and vertex shaders for;  OBJ’s, particles, terrain and animation (no animations in release).

The assessment was a lot of fun, being able to generate terrain and edit the Perlin Noise and particle systems in real time was exciting. I also enjoyed writing the terrain fragment shader, lerping and mixing different textures depending on the height of the terrain and the angle of the normal.

Platform: PC
Duration: 2 Months
Software: Visual Studio (C++),  OpenGL, stb, imgui

Want to try it out?

Download Terrain Generator